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Crisfield locals enjoying food


Crisfield boasts a vibrant culinary community scene! Whether you are craving comfort food from the bay, or a gourmet dining experience with a view, Crisfield offers something for everyone. Indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth crabcakes and the freshest seafood provided by hard-working Watermen. Crisfield caters to your heart and your hunger.

Tourist entering hotel in Crisfield, Maryland


Finding comfort for the night in Crisfield comes in many forms, but all start with a beautiful sunset, clean comfortable surroundings, and the joy that a new dawn brings.

Crisfield Children playing


Children are a high priority to our community. Your options are plentiful and geared to meet your child’s education and activities.

Crisfield women shopping


Markets, family-owned stores, fresh local catches, tools for home repair, fishing commercial or for personal gain, transportation, and health needs are all locally found.

Crisfield Cultural Events


Discover the core of Crisfield by waterway, the history, local economy, lifespan of the blue crab, and the connecting island life.

Crisfield people enjoying time together


A variety of activities designed to promote health, education, life enrichment and sheer joy.

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