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Board of Directors

                        Board of Directors meetings:

                    Are open to all chamber members.

             They are held the second Thursday of the                                                 month at 5:00 p.m.

One Year Term Ends 12/31/22

Tina Butler

Ed Goyda

Caitlyn Kilby

Kim Lawson

Mary Taylor

Two Year Term Ends 12/31/23

Eric Banks

Bill Meyer

Melissa Laird

Josh Nordstrom 

Hitesh Patel

Three Year Term Ends 12/31/24

Jennifer Merritt

Stevie Ritchey

Linda Singh

Buddy Ward

LeeAnn Linton

Billie Jo Chandler

Karen Riggin

2022 Officers
    Stevie Richey
      Hitesh Patel
First Vice President
    LeeAnn Linton
Second Vice President
    Tina Butler
Linda Singh
      Josh Nordstrom
        Past President




Casey Goldsbrough City Council

Barry Dize, 

Danny Thompson, Somerset County Economic Development Commission

Grace Meyer
Office Director
PH: 410 968 2500


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